Planned Cover’s value-added services stand as a proud and award-winning differentiator in a crowded market. As a valued customer, you gain exclusive access to risk management processes that we see as fundamental to the protection of your business. These services go to our brand essence of being a genuine business partner to our customers and they will  help you to identify key risks, develop systems to master them, and train your staff to work at their best.

Have you ever been asked to sign a client’s standard consultancy agreement? Change your specification to use an inferior product? Accept a novation to the builder? Administer a non-standard building contract? Produce a safe design report?

Our Risk Management services offered through informed, give you confidence in responding to all of these commonplace challenges and more. The valuable services we offer to most of our professional indemnity clients include contract reviews, seminars and guidance material such as Practice Guides (formerly known as Risk Rules), along with discounted princing for webinars and online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules.

Review nearly 1200 consultancy agreements each year, giving them unmatched experience in industry expectations of architects.

Stay on the front line of legal developments, producing a growing library of Practice Guides on emerging topics like building information modeling (BIM), safe design and limitation of liability clauses.

Present Risk Management seminars tailored to cover our claims experience and legal developments.

Drawing on their years of experience in insurance and construction law, our Risk Managers provide you with the practical assistance you need to navigate an ever more complicated industry. From age-old pitfalls like delays, sub-consultant errors and indemnity clauses, to the emerging challenges of safe design and new technologies, our Risk Managers analyse the risks and provide plain-English guidance for you and your staff. Our Risk Managers work as informed by Planned Cover, and you can meet them here.

Let us help you manage the burden of the increasingly long and complex standard contracts used by government, commercial and even domestic clients. Our comprehensive written reviews identify contract clauses which take you outside the cover of your professional indemnity insurance, and clauses which impose impractical (or even impossible) professional indemnity insurance requirements. Along with our tailored checklist for identifying common commercial risks, this puts you in an informed position to approach negotiations, price your services, and submit tenders.

Our legally qualified risk managers present a targeted seminar series on broad-ranging subjects, from common causes of claims to safe design law. Our presentations draw on examples from court cases, analysis of legislation, and the unique experience of our Claims Department at the coal-face of dispute resolution. They are a vital platform for making your staff aware of business risks and the importance of thorough work. We offer in-house seminars to medium and large clients. For smaller practices and sole practitioners we arrange group seminars with networking opportunities.


When a key risk is identified, we draft a Practice Guide (formerly called Risk Rules) to explain the issue and devise risk management solutions. With over fifty concise Practice Guides covering diverse topics including Project Management, BIM, Asbestos, Novation and Termination, our Practice Guides are an invaluable tool to help you manage the complexities of the evolving industry.

Are dedicated to managing consultants’ claims and do not work for builders, developers or non-construction professions.

Manage the day-to-day conduct of your claims with direct authority from the insurer to make decisions on all but the very largest claims.

Draw on the expertise of independent architects and long-serving panel solicitors.

Report directly to us and through seminars to the profession, about claims trends.

Our Risk Management services give you confidence in responding to all of these commonplace challenges and more. The valuable services we offer to most of our professional indemnity clients include contract reviews, seminars and guidance material.

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