Our General Insurance division manages the placement of commercial insurances required by professionals. Our 30+ years of experience have allowed us to understand the risks professionals face and as a result we can tailor policies to suit the specific needs of the industry.

We provide comprehensive advice on all types of commercial insurance products. Some of the more common are listed separately below.

We have developed a tailored office insurance policy for our insured professionals that provides extensive policy coverage and is competitively priced.

The policy is section based allowing professionals the flexibility to pick what risks they want to insure and making the policy suitable for all professionals, from sole practitioners to the largest practices. We can assist you to tailor each section to reflect your business needs.


Property (Buildings and/or contents) Cover for fire, water or storm damage, impact, earthquake, accidental damage, malicious damage, removal of debris, restoration of records and documents
Theft Cover for burglary and theft
Money Cover for cash on the premises and in transit
Business interruption Covers loss of gross revenue, increased cost of working, loss of rent following an insured loss.
Electronic Equipment Covers repair or replacement of electronic equipment following breakdown or power surge. Can also extend to cover restoration of data and increased costs
Machinery Breakdown Covers repair or replacement of machinery following breakdown eg air conditioning units
Liability Covers public and products liability (refer section below)
General Property Covers portable contents items whilst they are on the move and not at the situation of risk
Glass Covers replacement of internal and/or external glass following breakage
Tax Audit Covers the costs of engaging an accountant to assist in preparing your files when your practice is the subject of a statutory tax audit eg FBT, GST, PAYG etc Some policies may also cover Directors personal returns.
Employee Dishonesty Covers misappropriation of funds & property by employees

Over the past few years professionals are often being contractually obliged to provide Public Liability insurance that complies with the demands of the client. We have developed relationships with specialist insurers that can often accommodate some of these unusual requirements.

Public Liability insures your practice for its legal liability to pay compensation to others. The key factor is whether you or any of your employees have been negligent in causing injury or property damage to others. If the answer is yes then a court of law will find your practice to be legally liable. Your Public Liability insurance policy will pay on your behalf, amounts awarded to third parties for damages and legal costs as well as pay your own legal costs, subject to the limit of indemnity and policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

Many of our professional clients have operations or projects based overseas. We are able to provide them with travel insurance and expatriate insurance policies to accommodate the risks associated with having staff travel and work for extended periods overseas.

This type of policy (also referred to as contractor works or contractors all risks) covers damage to a building or structure whilst it is under construction and covers the liability exposures of the construction site.

Whether you are a registered builder, an owner builder or contractually responsible for the insurance of the project, this type of policy will be required.

Strata insurance covers the property and liability risks of buildings that are registered as body corporate or similar. These can be residential such as a block of apartments or holiday rentals or commercial such as a multi-storey building.