All companies face financial and professional exposures that can be mitigated by insurance.  Professional indemnity insurance is designed to protect companies and individuals against claims or allegations that they have breached their professional duties.

Management Liability insurance covers directors and officers personally as well as the company itself from the risks associated with running a business.

In addition to covering claims against your practice, both professional indemnity and management liability policies provide cover for the legal costs in investigating and defending claims.

If an individual or company provides professional services such as advice, design, analysis, or opinion, professional indemnity insurance is an important risk transfer mechanism for protecting the financial interests of that company or individual.

A simple error or omission by any individual in a practice or anyone engaged as a consultant can lead to a protracted litigation which can involve not only compensation but also significant legal costs in defending the action.

Common causes of claims are:

  • Common law:  failure to comply with the standard of reasonable care and skill.
  • Breach of Contract:  failure to perform the professional services you have been engaged to provide as set out in the contract between you and your client.
  • Trade Practices Act:  Failure to operate within the provisions of the Trade Practices Act by misleading or deceptive conduct.

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Management liability insurance is designed for private companies to protect the directors and officers personally as well as the company itself from the risks associated with running a business.  It is designed to safeguard the personal assets of the directors and officers as well as the financial well being of the company.  Today’s commercial world has become more regulated and litigious resulting in greater legal exposure for key decision makers.  A simple act, error or omission can result in a significant claim against the directors and officers or the company.

Generally management liability insurance is offered in sections covering different types of liability, so that a company can tailor the cover to suit its business. Management liability insurance typically provides cover for the following exposures faced by you in your practice.

  • Directors and Officers Liability

Covers breach of fiduciary duties as directors or officers of a company.  This is distinct from a professional indemnity policy which provides cover for breach of professional duty.  This section protects individuals and companies from claims such as misleading or deceptive conduct, trading in insolvent circumstances and misuse of copyright or confidential information.

  • Employment Practices Liability

Provides protection to the company and its directors, officers and employees against employment related claims such as unfair dismissal, harassment, workplace bullying, discrimination and failure to promote.

  • Statutory Liability

Provides cover to the company and its directors and officers from fines or penalties imposed as a result of a breach of statute or legislation such as a prosecution for a breach of environmental or work safe legislation.  It also covers the defence costs of a prosecution.

  • Inquiry Costs

Covers the legal costs associated with attending official inquiries or investigations such as safe design prosecutions.