Professional indemnity claims have become a part of professional life for those who work in the construction industry. Planned Cover will assist you and liaise with your insurer on your behalf to settle claims promptly.

We manage our claims and notifications commercially and competently to set ourselves aside from a perception of insurers as obstructionist, prescriptive and without any empathy.  We understand that by its very nature, professional indemnity insurance goes hand in hand with your professional integrity and working relationships and we carefully manage these commodities while also working towards the best overall outcome that can be achieved.  We are not in the business of seeking to avoid cover when it is rightly available rather we pride ourselves on our ability to guide you through the claims and notification processes, leaving you feeling supported and content with the achieved resolution.

Our claims department is located in Melbourne, Australia and is comprised of the National Claims Manager, two Claims Managers and a Claims Administrator.

Our legally qualified Claims Managers understand the commercial and personal pressures created by complaints and take a progressive and proactive approach to the management of claims from the initial notification stage through to the ultimate resolution of a dispute.

We recognise that professionals working in the construction industry are regularly required to respond to complaints made about the professional services they provide and drawing on our extensive construction industry and private practice dispute resolution experience we will guide you towards an appropriate resolution.

Experience shows us that the outcomes of many notifications are determined by the initial steps taken by an insured to respond to a client complaint or claim and our claims managers will work with you to ensure that your written responses to complaints or claims are well structured, proactive and do not jeopardise your policy coverage.  This early involvement often means that complaints are resolved promptly and before they escalate.

If, however, a complaint does escalate we have an approved panel of external lawyers who are appointed to handle claims when necessary and only lawyers with significant experience in construction litigation matters are appointed to our  panel.

For our clients that are insured on the “open market” our claims managers’ role is to guide you, with the insurer itself managing the claim and appointing its own lawyers if necessary.  Our claims managers are available, however, to counsel you in relation to claims, particularly if there are any concerns about the way the claim is being handled by the insurer or its lawyers. In particular, if there are any issues with policy coverage our claims managers can assist you in responding to the insurer so as to protect your interests and where indemnity is denied, assist you in seeking a review of the insurer’s decision where this is appropriate.

The Claims Management team is a group of highly experienced, legally qualified claims managers. Our claims managers:

  • Provide timely claims related advice, guidance and feedback at all stages of a dispute;
  • Instruct experienced experts at an early stage to provide assessments relating to any exposure to liability and/or the accurate assessment of any damages flowing from that exposure;
  • Appreciate the unseen “costs” of a dispute, including the “down time” involved responding to a claim and the impact that disputes as opposed to resolutions will have on ongoing commercial relationships; and
  • Work closely with you to determine a resolution strategy which is most appropriate given all the circumstances.

Our contact details are:

Adele Monaco
National Claims Manager
(03) 8508 5406
Kerrie McLeish
Claims Manager
(03) 8508 5415
Hayley Landers
Claims and Risk Manager
(03) 8508 5415

We aim to assist our clients whenever and wherever possible and in addition to the expert management of claims our Claims Managers also prepare and deliver a range of seminars designed to assist our clients to better understand the claims process and when and how things may go wrong in professional practice.

The Claims Managers have developed four Claims Seminars as follows:

i)              Managing Your Claims;

ii)             Common Causes of Claims;

iii)            Policy Construction and Interpretation; and

iv)            Claims Update – Lessons from recent claims.

The Claims Managers regularly travel around Australia delivering these seminars to large clients in-house and to smaller practices in group sessions.

Claims Guidance documents have also been developed by the Claims Managers to address relevant claims issues for distribution to clients at seminars and by request.

Our aim is to ensure that all contact with our clients is positive and that they know that the claims team is ready to assist and support them through the claims process.

For any queries in relation to the claims management please email