Life insurance provides a lump sum payment to a nominated beneficiary in the event of death.

The concept of the cover ensures that one’s family is not disadvantaged financially should the life insured not be around to provide ongoing support.

At what age should I consider taking out life insurance?

Whilst Life Insurance generally becomes more expensive with age, people who have dependents or financial liabilities or if they are simply looking to protect their financial future should consider Life Insurance at the earliest opportunity.

How do I pay for my life insurance policy ie. annual premium, via my super, monthly instalments?

Paying for life insurance is extremely flexible. Insurers generally provide solutions of monthly, half yearly or yearly premiums. Superannuation can also be used to fund premiums which can be a great solution for managing cash flow.

What does level premium and stepped premium mean?

As mentioned earlier, Life Insurance premiums become more expensive as we get older. There are however ways of locking in a Level Premium whilst you’re young and healthy and although they may be slightly more expensive now, they won’t increase significantly each year in the future as they do with Stepped Premiums.

Case Study

A family who had been funding a life insurance premium for many years for the sole income earner within the family were grateful for the financial security that provided assurance to the family to remain in the family home and the children the ability to stay in their private school education when the unfortunate terminal diagnosis for the father of cancer devastated the family.

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