Trauma (or Critical Illness) insurance provides a cash lump sum upon diagnosis of a specified illness or injury.

Critical illness cover is designed to help with the financial impact of a trauma or crisis, such as heart attack, stroke, cancer or other life-threatening condition.  The benefit paid by a trauma policy can be used to fund the best medical treatment available, subsidise personal income or alleviate debt.

Is this a lump sum benefit payment?

Whilst income protection provides a regular income stream whilst on claim, Death cover and TPD insurance provide a lump sum benefit when the definition is met.

How do I determine the level of insurance?

Similar to Death cover, TPD insurance is used to protect financial liabilities such as a mortgage but also safeguards future lost income and financial commitments such as school fees etc.

Is this if I cannot work at all or just in my usual professional capacity?

TPD definitions vary and depending on your occupation and cover can be more comprehensive to provide a benefit if you’re deemed unlikely to ever work again in your Own Occupation or Any Occupation. Own Occupation TPD is much more comprehensive and accordingly more expensive as cover.

Trauma Illness Insurance

A 45 year old client submitted a trauma claim after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. $500,000 was paid to her by the insurer within 48 hours of receiving the completed claim forms. Planned Life Cover helped by engaging senior contacts at the insurer, assisting the client to complete the claim forms, and liaising with relevant medical professionals to expedite information that supported the claim.

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