An Introduction to Risk Management

28 June 2019

Risk, its identification, management and allocation, have become increasingly vital in our current commercial environment, perhaps most particularly so within the construction industry whereby the failure to sufficiently and accurately identify, evaluate and manage...

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How would your family cope if you got sick or injured?

27 June 2019

THE STARK REALITY OF THE COST OF HEALTH CARE IN AUSTRALIA Sickness and ill-health is not something that anyone likes to talk about. However, with the rising cost of health care in Australia, it...

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Understanding Reasonable Care & Skill as a Designer

7 May 2019

What does reasonable care and skill mean? Exercising reasonable care and skill requires a professional to provide services in a reasonably competent manner. This means you should apply the requisite skill and care expected...

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Landlord Insurance

3 May 2019

“As well as safeguarding your property and contents against damage or loss, Landlord Insurance covers rent default and the associated legal costs, malicious damage caused by tenants and loss of rent if the property...

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Partnership Protection Insurance

29 April 2019

Every good partnership needs backup. It really does seem that the insurance options available to you are endless and, as a result, it can be pretty easy to just dismiss those you are less...

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Who Owns What?

1 March 2019

Many of our clients have treasured possessions including artwork and sporting memorabilia which they use to adorn their office walls. It’s wonderful to have these pieces on display for others to appreciate and enjoy,...

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The summer holiday period is once again soured by natural disasters

23 January 2019

Summer holiday time in Australia always seems to throw up a severe weather event or natural disaster somewhere around the Country. People who work in the property and motor vehicle claims areas of insurance...

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Planned Cover – Christmas Closure

20 December 2018

Planned Cover wishes you a safe and happy festive season, and thanks you for your support throughout 2018. Christmas is always a season for giving and being thankful for what we have. This year...

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The State of the Insurance Market

5 December 2018

The world of insurance is changing rapidly. In our industry we talk about the insurance cycle. As you can see from the below diagram we talk in terms of a “hard” or a “soft”...

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Limitation Periods

5 December 2018

Each Australian Court jurisdiction has rules determining if, when and by whom a claim can and cannot be brought and much will depend on individual circumstances.  The length of time in which a party...

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