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Our greatest asset is our highly experienced team of insurance professionals, lawyers and support staff.

Our team is committed to building long term relationships with Planned Cover clients to ensure their
families and businesses are protected against the unexpected.

Adele Monaco

National Claims Manager – Focus Claims

Belinda _Levy

Belinda Levy

Account Manager – VIC

Carina Bogaard 

Account Manager - NSW/ACT 

Cordilia Thomas

Cordilia Thomas

Risk Manager VIC informed by Planned Cover


Cos Cirocco

National Business Manager - State Manager SA

Daniel Orrell

Business Development, Partner - Planned Life Cover

Darren Conway

Principal/Director - Planned Life Cover

Erica Callaghan

Account Manager - QLD/NT

Erin Hobbin

Executive Assistant

Genevieve Reed

Account Manager - VIC

Julie Gasper

NSW Office Manager

Karen Meiklejohn

State Manager – QLD/NT

Karen Wong

Claims Manager - Focus Claims

Kathryn Budd

Risk Manager NSW informed by Planned Cover


Laurence Gottlieb

State Manager - VIC

Marie Bailey

Account Manager - QLD/NT

Marisa Bertoldo

Marisa Bertoldo

Marketing & Communications Manager
- Planned Cover & informed

Natalie Sullivan

Risk Manager NSW informed by Planned Cover

Nicholas Volz

IT Administrator


Peta Kortum

Account Manager - VIC

Phyllis Wong

Account Manager - NSW/ACT


Sandra Purser

CEO and Managing Director

Shane Richards

Account Manager – NSW


Sherren Hepburn

National Operations Manager

Simon Gray

State Manager - NSW/ACT

Su Wang

Account Manager - VIC

Wanda Watson

Account Manager – Planned Cover NSW/ACT


Wendy Poulton

Manager Risk Services informed by Planned Cover